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Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering


It has been over four decades since the very first formal program in Industrial Engineering was inaugurated in Iran. Since then many scholars and competent engineers have been trained within such programs in the nation. Conservative estimates put the number of students who are annually admitted to Industrial Engineering programs in the nation at 6000. These facts indicate that the I.E. community is constantly growing larger and there exists the need for a wider spectrum of media and resources for communicating the new and novel methods and techniques of practicing Industrial Engineering.

look at this . purchase Instagram likes . Situs Judi Online . Orlando air conditioning repair samsung gear s2 bandsBased on such a perception, I am pleased to see that the Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (JISE) is introduced to address such needs. As the Editor-in-Chief of JISE, I have been overwhelmed by the generous support given to such cause by many eminent scholars from around the world. I would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to all noble members of academia who have heeded our call. I am confident that JISE will thrive on the valuable support received from such prominent individuals in the international I.E. community and as a result, in due time will establish itself as a credible technical publication.

In achieving such a difficult and yet rewarding goal, all of us at JISE will benefit from the constant support and the guidance of the members of the I.E. community. In the months to come I hope we at JISE can justify that we deserve such valuable support.

Rasoul Haji


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