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Call for papers

The first issue of the Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (JISE) was published in April 2007. As an official publication of the Iranian Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIIE), JISE is envisaged as an international scientific peer reviewed journal intended for the publication of research and review manuscripts emphasizing new and innovative methods and techniques in the field of industrial and systems engineering including:

  • Traditional industrial engineering (Method study, Plant layout, ...)
  • Applied operations research
  • Human factors/Ergonomics
  • Production and inventory control
  • Quality control/quality management
  • Project control/project management
  • Human resource planning and management
  • Engineering economy and cost analysis
  • Management information systems and information technology
  • Systems simulation/Monte Carlo
  • Maintenance and reliability
  • Stochastic processes and queuing theory
  • Logistics and supply chain planning
  • Applied probability and statistics in industrial engineering
  • Other subjects related to the field of industrial engineering and Operational Research

    The editors seek original manuscripts for publication in categories specified above and request submissions that can be considered for the forth coming issues. Please send a copy of your paper(s) in word format to Editor-in-Chief ( or Associate Editor).


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